This Blog is used specifically for my contacts with students and Faculty of the Art Institute of Boston that are involved in the MFA program there.  However, if you have come across this blog and would like to comment on what you see, please feel free.  I am a photographer working on my MFA at AIB, a High School Photography/Art teacher, a husband and father, a soccer and LaCrosse coach, a vocalist/musician, a 7th Day Adventist Christian, and a Super Hero (I am not revealing my powers to anyone yet).  Turning 37 this year will make me the oldest I have ever been, but not the oldest I intend to become.  I am still 21 at heart.


One Response to “About”

  1. Jason – It is very interesting to see the work and how it is progressing throughout your time in the program. I’m working my way through the material you sent me, and will have my CV to you shortly.

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