Mentor Visit #1

I had a meeting with Terry Abrams, my mentor, and we discussed my work.  We agreed that my current photos are mostly not saying what I had hoped.  He suggested that I change my focus a little to be more about the relationship and less about masculinity, which is what I was probably more into anyway.  He was most interested in the images that challenged the stereotypical  gender roles.  He suggested that I explore that idea of role swapping as a way of showing masculinity and femininity coexisting.  I like this idea and feel that it helps describe what my photos are about.  We also discussed moving in closer for a more intimate composition, and using stronger, more directional light to create better form and emotion, which the stronger images have already.  I will be making some changes to my photo taking process in order to get the images that I am wanting.


~ by jasonlounds on September 30, 2008.

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